AbOuT uS

Welcome to the small zoo in the heart of Kent...

Opening in August 2015, the HCC is a small zoo and wildlife centre that offers visitors the chance to see some of the world’s most endangered and least understood species!


We work as part of a large network of zoos, safari parks and wildlife centres around the world to ensure the survival of the species we care for.

We strongly believe that getting people closer to wildlife in a safe, fun, yet educational manner is the best way to inspire people about wild animals, their habitats and their conservation.

We’re also expanding and looking forward to welcoming a range of new animals and species to the centre in the coming months as well as brand new visitor facilities.


A - Toilets

B - Zoo Entrance and Rainforest Tearooms

C - Picnic Area

D - Hand Wash Station

E - Toilets including accessible toilets and baby change.

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1 Lowland Tapir

2 Toucan

3 Kinkajou

4 Maned Wolves

5 Aussie Walkabout - Wallabies & Lorikeets


7 Geoffroy's Cat

8 Tamarins

9 Lemurs

Fragile Forests

10 Small Monkeys, Porcupines, Armadillos

11 Nocturnal House - Cuscus & Loris

12 Armadillos and Echidnas

13 Skunk

14 Bali Mynas

15 Lemurs

16 Meerkats

17 Otters

18 Rusty Spotted Cats

Map April 2021.png

wE ARe...

  • A small breeding centre for rare animals.

  • An educational establishment, working towards educating our visitors about our animals, their habitats and the natural world.

  • Working to preserve the species in our care.

  • Supporting in and ex situ conservation programmes.

  • Not a playground.