vEteRinAry CaRe

It is vital to monitor and maintain physical health of our zoo animals.

Checking and assessing animals for good health is not always as it easy as it seems - many animals try to cover up signs of illness as this would be a disadvantage to them in the wild.


Our keepers carry out daily monitoring. These are the people that care for our animals day in day out and can spot subtle changes in the behaviour and appetite for example.

The health of an animal is taken in to consideration when designing and building enclosures as these essential to good health, along with diet, social groupings and the ability to demonstrate natural behaviours.

Our zoo vet is involved in preventative care of our animals through our preventative medicine programme, perhaps their most important job!


Our zoo vet must be pro-active in providing preventative medicine, including helping us manage our bio-security programme. They must know about diet and nutrition, as well as being able to diagnose illness and treat sickness and injury. They must be involved in regular health checks alongside our keepers, and be experienced in animal capture and restraint as well as performing post mortems after the death of an animal as these can help us decide what caused the animal to die.