rEseArcH FAQs

What type of research is carried out at the HCC?

We conduct studies which include animal behaviour, nutrition, social, veterinary and educational research. We do however welcome research projects that may include other subjects. We do have a research priority list and we will prioritise research projects that relate to questions we are interested in answering. These normally include (but are not limited to) areas such as:

  • Conservation of biodiversity

  • Animal health and welfare

  • Husbandry

  • Reproduction

  • Education

  • Species ecology


How do I carry out a research project at the HCC?

We review all research applications made once they have been submitted. Once we have reviewed the application it has to be approved before the research project can begin.

We recommend that you apply well in advance. Please see our 'Research Application' page for more information.


Do you have a research priority list?

We are currently working on a research priority list which will be available shortly.


I want to carry out a project that is not purely observational. Can this be accommodated?

We welcome structured plans for any form of research. We are unable however to provide support for research projects that wish to change a permanent part of an animal's habitat. This does not include enrichment research. If your project requires biological samples, please see our 'Research Application' page.


Are work placements available?

Yes, we do offer work experience placements. Please click here for an application form and more information.