As of 22nd March 2020 the Hemsley Conservation Centre is closed till further notice. This is not only to safeguard our visitors but staff too who must stay fit and healthy in order to care for our animals.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of small British businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for them to survive. The Hemsley Conservation Centre is one of these businesses.

The staff at the centre cannot simply lock the doors and stay at home. The centre is home to almost 70 different species who need around the clock heating, food and care. Before the pandemic the centre relied on food donations from supermarkets as well as purchasing food off the shelf. In the current climate food is now scarce and the donations have dried up. 

Almost all of our species also rely on heat to keep them not only warm in the winter but also alive and with no visitors for the foreseeable future a £1,500 monthly electricity bill eats directly into our already high costs. This is without our other overheads including, specialist feeds, unexpected veterinary bills, and other costs.

The centre is home to a wide range of fascinating species and by supporting us you are contributing directly to the welfare and care of them. In return for your support we can offer you some fantastic items which you can enjoy in the near future!

Thank you for taking the time to read and visit this page and your ongoing support is appreciated by both animals and the dedicated staff.

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Of all things on our wish list, we are currently most in need of food-related items, such as the Arabic gum, which is an essential part of our monkey's diets!



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