DaIlY AnImaL taLkS

Our daily animal talks schedule is currently suspended until further notice due to Covid-19. You can however download a QR reader app before, or on your visit as we have interactive talks you can listen to on your phone, at most enclosures.

Our Aussie Walkabout will be open from 2nd December 2020. Entry is £1 per person and comes with a complimentary pot of nectar to feed the lorikeets. Face masks must be worn.

tOp TipS fOr SeEinG oUr aNiMALs...

  • Be nice and quiet!

  • Stay longer than just a few moments!

  • Come back to the enclosure regularly throughout your visit!

  • Avoid the heat of the day!

  • Check the leaflet you were handed at the entrance to see if there are any special talks or feeds on this species today – That’s your best chance!

tOp TipS fOr SeEinG oUr aNiMALs...

Although we can't guarantee that you'll see an animal at a particular time, take a look below to help you know when the best chances of spotting some of our more elusive animal are:

  • Kinkajous - Mid-day in to the afternoon

  • Slow Loris - Mid-day in to the afternoon

  • Rusty Spotted Cats - Late afternoon

  • Armadillo - Throughout the day

  • Skunk - Throughout the day

  • Tayra - Throughout the day

  • Geoffroy's Cats - Throughout the day

We give our animals the ability to make choices about where they want to spend their time to provide them with optimum welfare parameters. This means that none of our animals will ever be shut in or out of an area purely for visitors to see!