jUnIoR rAnGer AcaDeMy

rEtUrnInG For 2019!

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The junior ranger academy is designed for children aged 5-11 years old who have a passion for wildlife!

This year we are offering two different courses where our rangers will not only learn about some fantastic species and the world they live in but get to meet them up close too!

These courses are great for any budding zookeeper!

The academy kicks off on the 19th - 21st August with 'Australian Animals' then moves on to 'Bugs and British Wildlife' on 26th - 28th August. The academy is incredibly popular, and limited to ten children per session.

Your course will be lead by....

Charlotte is back to teach our junior ranger sessions for 2019!



Week 1 - Australian Animals

From the outback to tropics to grasslands, discover what amazing species Australia has to offer and also learn about the species we have here at the centre with a up close experience!

Week 2 - Bugs and British Wildlife

Discover a world of amazing bugs and some of the amazing adaptations they have. You will then be going on a 'bug hunt' around the centre and learn how you can protect British wildlife in your own back garden!