leT's TalK zOo

Find out the in's and out's of zoo life with a talk from one of our staff members!

We are giving you the chance to find out what life is like at the Hemsley Conservation Centre. 

We will be discussing a different topic or subject at each talk so whether you love animals, have a passion for zoos, want to know what work goes on behind the scenes, studying a animal related course or a complete newbie with a thirst to discover something new then this is the talk for you.

Talks are aimed at people aged 12+ but if you know a little zoo keeper in the making we hope to inspire them further!

Sunday 3rd November 2019 - Let's Talk Enrichment and Training - What is it any why are these important?

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Tickets although free must be pre-booked and will be limited per talk and subject to terms and conditions.




Location: The Rainforest Tearooms, Crabtree Close, Fairseat, Kent

TN15 7JL