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Helping Otters...

The HCC have donated to Save Vietnam's Wildlife, to help build rehabilitation enclosures for 11 rescued Otters!

From Save Vietnam's Wildlife:

Last month, we rescued 10 otters, the biggest number of otter rescue cases ever, adding up to total 11 otters being cared at our center at the moment. In Vietnam, Otters are seriously threatened by illegal hunting, trade, habitat loss, and pollution. Not only are they killed for their fur or lose their homes, but they also face being trapped and sold to become a human’s pet. SVW commits to save these otters and give them the best care in our capacity. Building enclosures simulating their natural habitat will help them complete their rehabilitation, recover their instincts, and allow them to be released back to the wild sooner.


The HCC have sent donations towards the construction of these new enclosures, and we urge any of our supporters to do the same by clicking here:


You can also help otters by visiting the HCC and learning about the threats they face first hand.

Save Vietnam's Wildlife works with an array of species including otters, civets and loris (like those at the centre). A percentage of each sale of an otter or loris plush toy from our gift shop will also be sent to Save Vietnam's Wildlife.

For more information about the work that Save Vietnam's Wildlife carries out, please like their facebook page and visit their website here:

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