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The smallest kitten!

We have some exciting news to share with you!

On the 16th August, our female rusty spotted cat gave birth to a single kitten! We had been monitoring the cats as we had noted changes in their behaviour and confirmed a pregnancy with her weight gain.

Rusty spotted cats, arguably the smallest of the cat species quite commonly only produce one kitten.

This may be her first, but mum is doing a wonderful job. She's leaving the kitten for slightly longer periods of time now - So whilst she was out feeding this week, our keepers took the opportunity to give the kitten a once over and weigh-in to make sure it is developing properly, and we are happy to say this little one is doing wonderfully!

The kitten will remain out of sight in a nest box in their house for a long time yet, but we thought we'd share the news with you all.

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