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We've got some exciting changes happening at the centre this winter!

Firstly, our parma wallabies have moved to their new enclosure and they will shortly be joined by our lorikeets! This is a walk through exhibit and we hope to have it open in time for the Christmas holidays! Watch this space though - We've got more marsupials on the way VERY soon (Hints - some from Australia and some from New Guinea).

After a short renovation, our channel billed toucan will be moving in to our re-vamped lorikeet aviary!

Work has also started on further extending our lemur facilities and indoor housing. Our mouse lemurs will be off show for a short while whilst this work is completed!

We are also starting building work for our current tortoise and turtle species. This includes our hingeback, sulcata and radiated tortoises, and our Annam leaf turtles & yellow pond turtles.

Our path ways will be being completely re-made from Monday 3rd December for improved visitor experience and enjoyment. This will also make it a lot easier for guests with pushchairs and those that visit us with wheelchairs.

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