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World's smallest wild cats born!

On the 13th June the Hemsley Conservation Centre welcomed rusty spotted cat twins! Their mum is experienced in raising kittens having had her first kitten ‘Banduka’ born at the centre last August. The kittens are very healthy, now venturing out of the next box and walking around. Over the next couple of weeks visitors may get the chance of spotting them taking their first steps outside!

Rusty spotted cats are one of the world’s smallest cats and can only be found in India and Sri Lanka. They are currently classed as near threatened with population decreasing due to habitat loss and breeding with feral cats with an estimated number of 10,000 remaining in the wild today.

These cats may be small, but they have a lot of attitude. They will prey on small mammals, birds and insects.

The birth of these two kittens is vital to ensuring the genetic diversity of this species in captivity and even though they will not be released into the wild, they are ambassadors for their wild cousins and other small wild cats that are threatened in the wild.

The twins enjoying the sunshine in their den!

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