Hi there from Bonito,

I'm a Geoffroy's cat that lives here at the HCC, along with my neighbours the Rusty Spotted Cats. 

Our favourite foods are a variety of meat including rats, rabbit, quail, chicks, mice, chicken and beef!

To donate, simply purchase our dinner and you will be emailed with a link to download a thank you from us and our carers!


Donate a cat care package and your amazing donation will provide our cats with the daily care that they require. This includes:


  • A variety of meat that is essential to keep them healthy.
  • Supplements to keep them in tip top form.
  • Veterinary care.


Our care packages are a donation to our animal care fund, helping us to feed and support the animals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest for the species.


Thank you from us to you.

Dinner for our Cats (Cat Care Package)