Hi there from me, An - the Pygmy Slow Loris,

he biggest diva here at the Hemsley Conservation Centre!

My favourite foods are bugs, gum and nectar! My keepers are doing a fantastic job caring for me whilst we are closed to our visitors and your donations help look after us all really well and will help keep our bellies good and full of all the correct food that we need and love!

To donate, simply purchase our lunch and you will be emailed with a link to download a thank you from us and our carers!


Donate a loris care package and your amazing donation will provide our loris with the daily care that they require. This includes:


  • Specialist gum and nectar that is an essential part of their diet.
  • The bugs that they love oh so very much.
  • Specialist pellet food to keep them healthy with the correct vitamins and minerals.
  • Veterinary care.


Our care packages are a donation to our animal care fund, helping us to feed and support the animals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest for the species.


Thank you from us to you.

Loris Care Package