Hi there from Pablo, Carter, Snoop and Marley,

We're the maned wolf borthers that live at the Hemsley Conservation Centre. We love our food, and we can't get enough!

We eat a wide variety of foods, and a lot of it at that!

Each day we get between 4-5.6 kg of fruit (yes, fruit! We're omnivores!), 800g of pellet, 4-4.5kg of chicks, chicken legs, whole chicken, quail or other poultry etc.


That's quite a lot per day! On top of that, we also receive a special supplement!

To donate, simply purchase our dinner and you will be emailed with a link to download a thank you from us and our carers!


Donate a maned wolf care package and your amazing donation will provide our maned wolves with the daily care that they require. This includes:


  • A vast array of fruit that they eat.
  • The meat that is probably their favourite part!
  • Specialist pellet food to keep them healthy with the correct vitamins and minerals.
  • Veterinary care.


Our care packages are a donation to our animal care fund, helping us to feed and support the animals during the COVID-19 lockdown. Your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest for the species.


Thank you from us to you.

Maned Wolf Care Package




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