PyGmY SlOw LoRis

Nycticebus pygmaeus


pOpUlAtiOn: DeCreAsiNg



There are ten species of slow loris, of which the pygmy is the smallest. They are found east of the Mekong river in Vietnam, Laos, eastern Cambodia and China.


They are nocturnal, and are normally found living alone. They are omnivorous, feeding on ants, insects, fruit, gum and nectar.


The slow loris in Indonesia is in serious danger of extinction and the greatest threat to its survival is the illegal trade in wildlife. Its big brown eyes and soft fur make this small, nocturnal primate highly prized as a pet and the victim of an online craze created by videos on YouTube. Thousands of slow lorises are poached from the wild and illegally sold on the street or in animal markets. The slow lorises' teeth are clipped off by the traders to make them easier to handle, resulting in the death of many of them from blood loss or infection before they are sold.

Tropical dry forests, evergreen forests and semi evergreen forests.

east of the Mekong river in Vietnam, Laos, eastern Cambodia and China.


(Supplemented gum and nectar)



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