We aRe oPeN!

We are re-opening from Wednesday 2nd December...

Throughout this period, we have been looking forward to being able to welcome our visitors once again.


We are ensuring that we continue to do everything we can to protect our animals, staff and visitors. We are continually monitoring the Government's advice and we are implementing measures to provide a safe experience and visit for everyone.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will have availability on certain date or time due to limiting numbers - if you would like to check availability before booking tickets please email or call 07712734556 at least 24 hours in advance so we can check and get back to you.


To make sure we can welcome you back safely, we are:

  • Limiting the number of visitors we allow per day so that we can safely manage people and ensure physical distancing.

  • All visitors will have to purchase tickets in advance via our website.

  • Visitors will only be permitted entry within the allocated half hour time slot they have booked. Once inside, you then have 2.5 hours to explore, and as many circuits as you wish whilst observing our one way system.

  • There will be protective screening in place at our entrance.

  • You must use the hand sanitiser at the entrance.

  • Card payments only for takeaway service. No cash is being accepted at this point.

  • You must follow all 2m distance markings.

  • You must obey our one way system.

  • There is extra sanitiser around the zoo.

  • Under tier 3 restrictions, all inside buildings will be closed. Don't worry though, we've been working hard to make sure you can still see our animals through new windows etc.

  • You MUST wear a face mask when in any inside space, including passing through the tearoom, entrance and toilets. Our staff are required to wear masks around some of our species, and also if they choose to wear them throughout the day - Please do not be alarmed by this.

  • Keeper talks will not be taking place to stop overcrowding, BUT - Make sure you have a QR scanner on your phone for your visit as we have made all keeper talks virtual! And, what's more - it means that you can listen to more keeper talks than usual!

  • Our tearoom will for now, be serving takeaway only.

  • Members will still be required to acquire an entry ticket, but for free providing they enter their valid membership numbers at the time of booking. If you are a member, please email us at enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com, with your membership number(s) so we can ensure we have your up-to-date information, and can have new membership cards waiting for you.


The safety and welfare of our visitors, staff and animals is always our top priority and we will be taking every measure to ensure we can uphold the required standards.

Our opening hours of 10.00 - 16.00 will remain the same but visitors will need to enter the zoo at their booked time slots.

If you are unsure of your current membership status or wish to renew your membership, please contact us at enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com and we will be able to help you.

For all updates on animal experiences, please keep up to date by clicking here >

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  • For animal experience updates and FAQs, please click here

  • For membership FAQs, please scroll down.

How Do I Book Tickets?

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to either purchase tickets or book your time slot. 

Is iT sAFE tO vISiT ThE ZoO?​ 

The changes we are putting in place are designed to create the safest possible environment for everyone at the zoo, including our staff, visitors, volunteers and animals. We ask that everyone follows social distancing protocols and other posted guidelines throughout the zoo, as well as hand hygiene. If you feel unwell before your scheduled reservation, we ask that you do not visit the zoo and email enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com. If you begin feeling ill whilst at the zoo, please alert a member of staff so that we can assess and provide the correct assistance.

hAvE YoUr HoUrS cHaNgEd?

Only on Fridays and Saturdays at present. We are open from 10.00 to 17.00 Sunday-Thursday and 10.00 to 19.00 Friday and Saturday. You will need to have pre-booked your tickets online, and arrive in your allocated time slot.

HoW LoNg CaN i sTay In ThE zOo?

Once entered, you are able to spend 2.5 hours in the centre, following the one way system and obeying social distancing, you may complete as many circuits as you like.

WilL iT bE PoSSiBlE to MainTAin SoCiAl DiStAnCing iNside ThE zOo?

Yes! Absolutely. We've made changes inside the zoo to allow all staff, guests and volunteers to appropriately socially distance themselves. You will see markers in queuing areas, floor and path labelling, as well as new signage. We have put a new one way system in place to help control traffic flow.

WhAt ArE yOU dOing To KeEp The aNiMals SaFe?


We are taking every precaution for our staff and animals. Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, we follow a strict set of bio-security measures to ensure the health of our animals. Our staff are working staggered rotas and always wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep our animals safe. All of our keepers, managers and veterinarians will continue to uphold standards anytime they are working with our animals, their food or anything else that the animals may come in to contact with.

wIlL ThE toIlETs bE OpEN?


Yes. To ensure we can maintain hygiene levels and regular disinfecting, only the toilets within the zoo will be open. The toilets to the front of the tearoom at the entrance will remain closed.

i CAn't MakE My ResErvAtiON...

If you are unable to visit during your reserved slot, please let us know so that we can reschedule your visit and make your unused tickets available to another guest. You can let us know in advance by emailing enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com

aRe YoUR aDmIsSiOn PrIcEs StAyIng ThE saME?


Our admission prices remain the same during this period. This is because our overheads have remained exactly the same during this period of closure and will do so whilst we have to limit the number of visitors we allow to ensure safety.

I'm a member, do I have to book a time slot still?

As we are limiting the number of visitors each day, members will still need to book a time slot. To make sure we have your up to date details, please email enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com with your membership number.

It is raining on the day of my visit, can I rebook?

Yes you can, your tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase so you can book/reschedule for another day.

Do I have to wear a mask?

We are following government guidance and as such, face masks are mandatory in indoor areas of the zoo. You are not required to wear a mask when outside. You will see our staff wearing masks throughout your visit, please do not be alarmed. This is for their well being and that of our animals.

What are your food, drink and shop options?

The Rainforest Tearooms will be open for takeaway service only, with outside seating only. There is more information available at the tearooms.

Where can I wash my hands?

You will​ receive a map upon entry, outlining all facilities.

Can I bring a group?

We are restricting the number of visitors in the zoo each day so that we can make sure we are safely keeping to social distancing measures, in line with the latest government guidelines. Because of this, we won't be accepting large group bookings which include people from multiple households at present. If you are an organiser for a group and would like to keep up to date with details of when this will be possible, please email enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com and we shall add you to our list.

Can I meet family and friends at the zoo?

For your own safety, as well as that of other visitors and our staff, you must only visit with members of your household. If you meet friends at the zoo, please maintain clear social distancing at all times in line with the current government guidance.

Are you allowing school visits?

At the present time, we are not permitting school visits. Please email enquiries@hemsleyconservationcentre.com for more information.

mEmbErsHip FAQs


I'm a member, why do I need to book a slot?

we are limiting the number of visitors being welcomed to the zoo each day to make sure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable visit, whilst following the government's most up to date guidance. This extends to our members as your safety is also paramount to us.

Are there any changed to my membership?

Your membership still gives you all of the benefits you are used to. The only difference is that you must now pre-book your visit. You won't be asked to pay anything extra other than your normal membership fee. Your membership expiry date will be extended by the period of time we have been closed and that you have not been able to visit.

How do I collect my updated card?


These will be available at the entrance.

fOoD & dRiNK FAQs

Will there be changes in the Rainforest Tearooms?

The tearoom will be offering a takeaway service for food and drink. Please make sure that you are able to pay by card, preferably contactless if possible. Seating will only be available outside.

Please note that the tearooms will currently only be open to guests visiting the zoo.

The only way to visit us at the moment is to purchase your tickets online and book in a time slot!

Purchased tickets and ready to book your time slot?