Eira barbara


pOpUlAtiOn: dEcReASiNg



•Tayras are long, slender animals – similar in appearance to weasels and martens… just much bigger!

•Males are larger and slightly more muscular than females.

•Feet have toes of un-equal length that form a strongly curved live when together.

•Short and curved claws, more used for climbing and running than digging.

•Unique throat patch that can be used for individual identification.

•Found across most of South America east of the Andes, except for Uruguay, eastern Brazil, and all but the most northernly parts of Argentina.

•Seven sub-species.

•Range has been reduced in portions of Mexico because of the destruction of tropical forests and spread of agriculture. The species is subject to hunting and road-kills in many South American countries.

Forest (tropical, primary & secondary, gallery, cloud and dry scrub) species. Both terrestrial and arboreal lifestyle.




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