tHe RaINfOrESt TeARoOms

Come and explore 'The Rainforest Tearooms'

The tearooms open at 9:30, half an hour before the zoo!​

We serve a range of delicious sandwiches, cakes, tray bakes and snacks as well as fair trade and rainforest alliance certified coffee, tea, hot chocolate as well as a huge range of cold drinks!

The Rainforest Tearooms will be open to the general public too, not just those visiting the zoo!

We're bringing an amazing backdrop to your dining experience too - an impressive new facility for spider monkeys! (Coming Late 2019/Early 2020)

We're committed to protecting wildlife so you can be sure that all of the food that we sell is ethically sourced and, if possible, locally made.

We are also committed to reducing food waste so we have a simple but delicious range of food and drinks to offer!