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Education is key in any zoological collection, and zoos are able to offer many unique settings and scenarios to engage learning.

School Workshops

We have a selection of pre-prepared workshops aimed from Key stage 1, all the way through the HE levels of educaton.

Get in touch for more information. Alternatively, if there are specific topics you would like covered in a workshop, just let us know!


Nursery Visits

The HCC is an exciting place for young children; with so many animals to awaken their senses! 

It’s never too early for your pupils to start learning about the natural world and the animals and plants we share it with. 


The HCC is perfect to set our senses alight and where we start our fascination with our scaled, furry and feathered friends!


We know it can be nerve-racking bringing a group of very young children to the centre, so the more familiar you and your group leaders are with the plan for your day the greater the experience for everyone. And we’ve done our best to make things a little easier for you!


As a nursery teacher, we offer you a free pre-visit


Special Schools

For those learners who may need a visit that caters for extra needs, the HCC offers an experience that excites all the senses - with brilliant ranges of sights, smells and sounds, that is accessible.

We offer a range of workshops and programmes and we welcome groups of all abilities.


Just let us know your additional needs at the time of booking so that our team can make sure that any workshops and sessions are appropriate for your requirements.

You can view our accessibility statement here.


Research & Projects.

Research is now key to the progression of zoological collections and is one item at the heart of such places.


Research enables all those involved to increase and broaden their knowledge on all topics relating to animal management and conservation including: animal husbandry, welfare, behaviour, biology, enrichment and ecology.


Research at the centre enables us to assess and consequently improve upon our animal's welfare and help us to achieve the best possible husbandry standards, whilst helping us to fulfil both our welfare and conservation targets. It is this kind of research that can then be applied to aid research of our species in the wild.


Research at the Hemsley Conservation Centre can be carried out by both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those studying at a further education level. All research is to be carried out by students currently studying a relevant animal management course at college or university. All research is co-ordinated by our head of education, research and interpretation who works closely with keepers.

We are currently working on a research priority list, but we do welcome structured plans. These will then be assessed by our research personnel in terms of ethical guidelines, scientific validity and feasibility.

Wooden House in the Forest

Let's Work Together.

We love working with outside groups and organisations, and sharing knowledge so get in touch!

To contact our education department, please email:

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