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National Geographic visit the HCC.

Last week we were visited by Joel Sartore, who founded the National Geographic's 'Photo Ark'.

The photo ark aims to "document every species in human care to inspire people to care and help protect these animals, funding on-the-ground conservation projects focused on those species in most critical need of protection, and inspiring action through education programs".

"To date, Joel has completed portraits of more than 12,000 species, most photographed on either a plain black or white background. No matter its size, each animal is treated with the same amount of affection and respect. The results are portraits that are not just stunningly beautiful, but also intimate and moving."

Due to the unusual animals we care for at the HCC, it was great to be able to let Joel photograph species he hasn't before, and we look forward to working with him again.

From left, to right: Henry - Operations Manager, Steve - Animal Collections Manager, Adam - Director, Joel Sartore - Photo Ark Founder & Photographer and Nayer Youakim - Producer.

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