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Our newest arrival...

Meet our smallest new arrival!

This baby prehensile tailed porcupine was born on 9th October to first time mum, Analu.

He's a healthy bundle of porcupine, although it became apparent to keepers that he was only being allowed to feed from mum in their presence. A week passed and it was apparent that he wasn't getting enough milk to continue with what we consider to be healthy weight gain so it was decided that he was to come home for feeds throughout the night with one of our directors.

During the day he is back with mum and dad though, but as a nocturnal species they spend most of this time sleeping! As a young mum herself, she is still learning the ropes!

In around another week or so his quills will almost completely cover him and he'll look just like a miniature adult.

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1 Comment

Attougui Essam
Attougui Essam
9 hours ago

It looks so funny. Like a stuffed animal! Head Soccer

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