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We focus on smaller, lesser known species that are under-represented in zoological collections, to establish secure back up populations in zoos.


What do we do?

That's a huge question with many answers. 

We have listed a few key elements below for you!

Developing skills.


Increasing knowledge.

We keep a vast amount of under-studied species here at the HCC.

We help those studying towards animal care and zoology qualifications to gain practical experience in a working zoo environment, helping to ready them for working in the industry.

We are able to offer this both in house and through some of our partners.

Many of our species play a key role in both national and international breeding programmes to help secure healthy captive populations of their species. Similarly, good zoos must know when certain species don't need breeding

Increasing knowledge in the zoo world professionally and to our visitors is something we do on a daily basis.



Environmental Policy.

We welcome many college, school and university groups to the centre each year.

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We are continually developing our sustainability practices across all areas of the HCC. We have sent no waste to landfill since our conception in 2015. Our animal and food waste all gets converted into energy.

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You will soon be able to find a copy of our environmental policy here!

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